Book lessons online

Book lessons online

Booking online enables us to better select the correct instructor for your needs.

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Apart from the Christmas and Faschings (Feb.half term) holidays, we suggest that you start your group ski courses on either Monday or Thursday.
It is,however always possible to start courses on a daily basis.

Secure your place in advance in the desired course!

Your benefits at a glance:
  • No queueing at peak times
  • Planning security for your stay
  • digital ticket for the smartphone
  • already from 1 person full course time
Ski lessons

Ski lessons

Group lessons for adults and Kids. Learn skiing with fun.... We guide you to the right slopes. Learn with enjoyment special techniques. Discover with pleasure the dimensions of skiing. Whether you are newcomer, returnee, intermediate, or expert level.

daily 9 am
9.30 am 12.30 pm already from 1 person
daily at the ski schools desk 8-18 clock or online

Ski Pass:
The ski pass is not included in the course price. We recommend buying this the day before or before the start of the assignment. Every course participant needs a ski pass.

Ski Helmet:
Helmets are not compulsory in Germany, but we recommend that all course participants wear a helmet!

Group ski course Bambini (4 + 5 years)
Discover the fun of skiing. From moving in the plain to plow curves.

Junior group ski course (6 to 15 years)
Ski school's own break hut in the ski area. Final race on Fridays with award ceremony. All skill levels.

Group ski course for adults
From the local mountain via the Kandahar to the Alpspitze. All skill levels.

Short videos of various skill levels - Youtube Channel

Snowboard lessons

Snowboard lessons

Snowboarding is a current sport and certainly influenced by the spirit of the youth and the joy of discovery. In fact, most of our beginners are between the ages of 8 and 14 years. Nevertheless, snowboarding is a sport for all ages.

For the very young (from 6 years) who want to learn snowboarding „Just because it’s cool“ specifically trained in teaching young children. We offer group classes in all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, and special freestyle lessons on demand.

We recommend to all participants snowboard gloves with protectors and wearing a helmet.

Cross country skiing

Cross country skiing

Private lessons can be arranged on request.

Private lessons

Private lessons

Whether alone, with family or friends … Our private lessons focus on intensive learning and depend entirely on your needs. Privately tailored lessons will ensure you learn quickly and effectively

Special programs:

Skiing with hip or knee replacement

a special program for those returning with hip and knee replacement

Share a Trainer

Familiys can share a trainer for the whole day.


Our guides will show you around the Classic Ski area.

Having a goal at Ski Touring:

Learn the correct handling with ski tour equipment and important tips and tricks.

Price list

Price list

Group and private lessons 2023/2024


The lift charges are not included in the course price.

Group lessons
Preise p. P.1st day2nd day3 days4 days5 days6 days
Normal 62,50 € 123 € 166 € 203 € 237 € 257 €
per hour 20,85 € 20,50 € 18,45 € 16,95 € 15,80 € 14,30 €
From the 2rd day onwards 44 €

Lesson meeting: 9.00 - 9.25 AM
Lesson times: 9.30 - 12.30 AM

Private training to 13.00 clock Private training from 13.00 clock
2 hours 3 hours 2 hours 3 hours
155 € 211 € 119 € 175 €
Full-time 375 €
Each additional person 10 € per hour private training.

Online-Booking – Your benefits:

  • A quick start to your skiday
  • digital ticket for the smartphone
  • already from 1 person full course time
  • Guaranteed course booking

For the rental of sports equipment a deposit has to be. This could be an identity card, credit card or cash.


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