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Frequently Asked Questions Ski-School:

Where is the assembly point for Group Courses?
The Assembly Point is between the ski school building and the lift building.

When do I pay for the Ski Course?
The easiest way to pay for the courses is to book and pay online. Take your printed-out booking straight to the assembly point and safe yourself time and stress in the morning. The courses can also be reserved and bought directly at the Ski School where you will be given a ticket.

Can we rent equipment with you?
Yes, everything all under one roof! You can also reserve your equipment on line, again saving yourselves time on the day.

Is the Ski Pass included in the price?
No, Skipasses are bought separately. This applies to ALL course participants. You can go to the following website for further information on this: zugspitze.de/de/winter/preise/garmisch-classic/skifahrer

I’ve decided that I would like to turn my Group Course into a Private Course. Is this possible?
If there is a Private Instructor free at the requested time, there will be no problem changing over. You will just have to pay the difference in price.

Where do I meet my Private Instructor?
Generally in the ski school. If you have booked the instructor only for the afternoon and you are already on the slopes, it’s possible to meet the instructor at our ski school hut in the ski area.

I’m too late, what happens now?
When possible, we will try to connect you to your group, but the time lost will not be made up. We can’t promise that this will happen as some groups may have already left for the slopes etc.
If you have booked a private course, it’s important to be on time as the time lost cannot be made up as in High season, the instructor will have his next student directly after you.

How long in advance do I have to book my Ski Course?
You can book a group lesson up to 48 hours before. If you make a last-minute booking, we cannot promise that there will be availability at the time you request. Holiday times are particularly full and it’s advised that you book in good time.

What happens if I want to have lessons in quieter times in the season?
We always teach full course times!

How many people are in a Group Lesson?
This depends on ability and age. Generally we try to stick to the following rule but in very busy times we cant guarantee this 100%
Beginners – 6-8 people
Advanced – children 8-10 people
Adults 8-11 people

From what age can children take Ski or Snowboard courses?
Experience shows us that children over 4 years old have the right coordination and ability to learn the necessary movements on skis.
8 years is the optimal age for snowboarders.

What languages do your Ski Instructors speak?
Generally the group courses are in German. Nearly all instructors speak English and can teach bilingually. We can offer other languages such as English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch for private lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions Rentals:

Should I book online in advance?
It is possible to rent all the equipment spontaneous directly at the Ski School. However, booking online has several advantages! Check-in will be faster and unless you have other enquiries you won't need to go to the cash desk.

What do I need as proof of payment to pick up my rentals?
All you need is a credit card or pass port. If you booked online your booking code is the only thing you need.

What should I do if I have to cancel my equipment reservation? Will I be able to get a refund?
Send us a Mail stating the reasons for your cancellation along with your booking code at least 48 hours infront of yout first rental day to info@skischule-gap.de. We will refund the rental fee in full other than a 10% administration fee. Later cancellations we can only refund you coose the "care free" package when booking online.

How do I extend my equipment rental period?
If you extend 1-3 days then just keep your equipment. You will pay the extra when you return your equipment. If you want to extend for more than 3 days please inform our service team.

What happens if I return my equipment before the due date?
After returning the equipment we will give you a refund for the remaining days.

Can I pick up my rentals the day before?
Yes – you are welcome to pick-up your equipment after 3 pm the day before your first rental day and avoid the morning rush.

What happens if our rental equipment is misplaced or stolen?
We offer a 10% surcharge, which covers your rental equipment against theft or breakage. When booking online this service feature is included in the "care free" package we warmly recommend. For further information please see our general terms and conditions

Is it possible to store my rental equipment overnight at the Ski School?
Yes. We offer equipment storage including dryers. You can book online or at our Service Desk.

Can I store my shoes and / or articles of value somewhere?
There are enough lockers available in our building.

Can I swap my snowboard set in for a ski set (or vice versa) if I want to switch?
You are welcome to swap your equipment or switch between different ski categories. You can also switch between skis and snowboards once during the rental period. You pay the price for the items actually rented.

Where can I get my skis or snowboard repaired?
We offer high quality Ski and snowboard tuning as an overnight service. Modern machines and experienced employees make sure that you will get the best performance from your equipment ! We also offer Ski Binding service.


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